Security Management System

Comprehensive security management solution in compliance with ICAO Annex 17 and Doc 8973 - Aviation Security Manual.


  • Threat landscape (Threat sources & agents identification and assessment)
  • Asset landscape (Critical asset classification and identification)
  • Loss landscape (Impact and outcomes classification)
  • Control landscape (Preventive and recovery controls)
  • Vulnerabilities identification and assessment
  • Multiple security scenarios risk assessment
  • Voluntary and security occurrence reporting
  • Security incident investigation
  • Root cause investigation methodology
  • Security controls efficiency and reliability calculation
  • Security test and inspection
  • Corrective actions management
  • Security Assurance and Staff Permits Management
  • Security performance measurement and monitoring
  • Security promotion


  • Dedicated security audit and security survey management
  • Integrated with security equipment maintenance & failure reporting (GALIOT MMS)
  • SMS, ISO/IEC 27005 and FAIR best practices included
  • Plan, Do, Check, Act management system
  • Risk-based security management
  • Risk assessment approval and re-assessment policy
  • Four Days Hands on Security Workshop
  • Risk Assessment as a function of threat probability, vulnerability exposure and asset Criticality, i.e. Risk = f (T, V, A)
  • Bow-Tie risk assessment methodology integrated with semi-quantitative mathematical model based on R=f(T,V,A) equitation for best/worse risk scenario calculation.
  • Internal push notification and reporting engine (email and/or text message)
  • Security control based investigation (B-SCAT investigation method)

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