Compliance & Audit Management

Comprehensive quality assurance and compliance oversight solution with predefined check lists, powerful workflow engine for all audit lifecycle steps and support for distributed audit participants collaboration.


  • Internal, External and Third Party Audits
  • Multiple Audit Domains
  • Audit Templates (Predefined and Customised Templates)
  • Multiple audit scopes per template
  • Planning, scheduling and audit monitoring
  • Align to regulations and policies
  • Findings Management
  • Dynamic Audit Participants Roles (Compliance Manager, Auditor, Auditee, …)
  • Corrective Action Plan Workflow
  • Flow up Audits
  • Audit Final Closure and Endorsement
  • Customised Key Quality Performance Indicators
  • Predefined check lists based on EASA, IOSA or local regulatory requirements


  • One software, but multiple editions to meet different industries best practice and required regulation (Airports, Airlines, MRO, Marine and Oil & Gas edition)
  • Integrated with Safety, Document and Staff Licenses/Training Management software
  • Affordable software-as-service (cloud) deployment for small and medium size companies
  • Highly adaptive modular system
  • Fast and straightforward implementation (Predefined templates, standards and best practice)
  • Single system can be shared by several airports/airlines/companies (beneficial when one organisation operates more than one company)
  • Mobile access (perform audits from the floor/field on mobile device)
  • Internal notification, reminder and reporting engine (email and/or text message)
  • Root Cause Analyse (aligned with safety investigation root causes).
  • Key Quality Performance Indicators Monitoring
  • Distributed audit participants collaboration (internal and external)
  • Automated workflow for all audit lifecycle steps
  • Create Findings from Safety Investigation
  • Create Safety Issue/Occurrence from audit findings
  • Create audit finding from safety occurrence investigation

Galiot Auditor app for iOS and Android devices!

Galiot Auditor is dedicated mobile app for offline and online safety audit evaluation and findings reporting for GALIOT SQM Compliance and Audit Management System!

Lead auditor performing on-site audit desn't need to carry any paperwork to perform his job. All checklist and regulations are prepared on Galiot SQM server and downloaded to the mobile device. Audit findins can be reviewd, inserted and uploaded to Galiot SQM server to initiate non-conformity workflow,

Galiot Auditor app enables bi-directional synchronisation of all audit reports, findings, user permissions and taxonomy with Galiot SQM - Compliance and Audit Management server

Galiot Auditor enables lead auditor to perform on-site audits at locations without internet connection or where usage of mobile device is more convenient.

If you are interested to try GALIOT SQM in action, simply enter your details here, and we will arrange for you free of charge demo web application access.