Safety Management System

Risk-based and performance-based Safety Management System in compliance with recent ICAO Doc.9859, ICAO Annex 19, EASA and IOSA regulatory requirements.


  • Safety Policy, corporate safety plan and objectives
  • Proactive, predictive and reactive key safety performance indicators
  • Safety reporting system (Voluntary report and Occurrence report based on ADREP taxonomy and ECCAIRS format
  • Internal and external safety interfaces
  • Hazard identification, hazard log and risk register
  • Risk Assessment History (including what-if risk assessment)
  • Investigation management
  • Root cause investigation methodology
  • Preventive and recovery safety barriers management
  • Corrective Actions Workflow
  • Safety Assurance and GAP Analyse
  • Performance Measurement and Monitoring
  • Customized safety dashboard
  • Safety Promotion


  • One software, but multiple editions to meet different industries best practice and required regulation (Airports, Airlines, MRO, Marine and Oil & Gas edition)
  • Integrated with Audit, Document and Staff Training Management solutions
  • Affordable software-as-service (cloud) deployment for small and medium size companies
  • Highly adaptive modular system
  • Fast and straightforward implementation (Predefined templates, standards and best practice)
  • Single system can be shared by several airports/airlines/companies (beneficial when one organisation operates more than one company)
  • Internal push notification and reporting engine (email and/or text message)
  • Bow-Tie Risk Assessment Methodology integrated with semi-quantitative mathematical model for best/worse risk scenario calculation
  • Barrier based investigation (B-SCAT Investigation Method)
  • ADREP 2000 Taxonomy included
  • ECCAIRS 5 Occurrence Report (generated from Investigation)
  • Possible bi-directional integration with your FDM system
  • STEADES integration
  • Create audit finding from safety occurrence investigation
  • Four days hands on safety workshop

Galiot Aero app for iOS and Android devices!

Galiot Aero is dedicated mobile app for offline and online aviation mandatory and voluntary safety occurrence reporting for GALIOT SMS Safety Management System!

Galiot Aero safety reporting is based on EASA ECCAIRS occurrence format and ICAO Aviation Data Reporting taxonomy (ADREP).

Galiot Aero app enables bi-directional synchronisation of all safety reports, aircraft data, users permissions and ADRAP Taxonomy with GALIOT SMS - Safety Management System server.

If you are interested to try GALIOT SMS in action, simply enter your details here, and we will arrange for you free of charge demo web application access.