Staff Training and Licensing

Flexible solution for establishing customised training programmes, individual training planes and managing staff training records.


  • Staff database (employees, season workers and subcontractors)
  • Working position (certificates, training and experience requirements)
  • Company training programmes and on-the-job-activities
  • Initial and recurrent training
  • Individual training planes based on working position(s)
  • Staff training records management
  • Staff reporting line (first and second level supervisor)
  • Automatic alert and renewal dates planning
  • Staff core and managerial competencies assessment
  • Customised alert for renewal due date
  • Accountability (per working position)
  • Personalised dashboard
  • Customised reports
  • Multiple criteria for certificate renewal planing
  • Digital certificates database


  • Integrated with Safety, Audit, Document and Maintenance Management software
  • Affordable software-as-service (cloud) deployment for small and medium size companies
  • Single system can be shared by several airports/airlines/companies (beneficial when one organisation operates more than one company)
  • Training canter support
  • Licences issuing
  • Last done / valid through report
  • Temporary licence support
  • Certification history (with scan files and images)

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